Government Spending £19,000/Year For A Woman To Take Taxis To Work Every Day… Because They Took Away Her Car

Jan Davis , a multiple sclerosis sufferer, was left fuming after the DWP suddenly decided she was no longer entitled to receive the Personal Independence Payment. Jan had used this money to lease a Motability car, in order to get to and from her work at HM Revenue & Customs.

After being told she was losing the money, the 58 year old applied for the DWP’s Access to Work scheme after it was recommended by her local MP.

Despite removing her PIP, the department ruled she was entitled to financial help to get to work. But instead of giving her the money to keep her car, they offered to pay for a taxi to travel to East Kilbride and back from her home in Ayr 4 days a week. The cost: £480 a week!

That works out as almost £65,000 on taxis over three years, whereas keeping the car, which would have given her more freedom and mobility, would have set taxpayers back just £6,000.

Jan, who is keen to continue working despite the pain she suffers said “It’s crazy – it would have cost them less than £6000 for me to keep the car and yet they are willing to pay up to £65,000 for taxis.

“If you are a disabled person living on benefits, your needs are ignored.

“I’m doing my best to continue working but I feel as though this Government just does not care.”

Janet was unwilling to wait the 10 weeks it would have taken to appeal her PIP ruling, and has ended up funding the cost of buying a car herself.

“I think it is absolutely awful the way that the DWP has behaved,” Jan added.

“I am claiming benefits but I prefer to work.

“I think it is this Government’s intention to just cut benefits for disabled people and push them into frustration and despair.

“Most employers can’t afford to take on a disabled person because they wonder if the person’s condition means they can’t be there on time or if they can do all of the work – and the DWP is not helping disabled people change that perception.

“I feel as if I was forced into buying the car, it took so long to get an agreement out of them.”