Fishing? You Better Know This Knot!

Most fishermen have a few type of knots that they can tie and use repeatedly. Occasionally they will learn a new type of knot from a fishing buddy. The list of fishing knots and knot types is long and reads like a list of the Fortune 500 everything from the Albright special thru the Triple fisherman’s knot. I personally have mastered a dozen or so, each for a specific use, type of jig, etc. And then I ran into the UNI KNOT.

The only knot you will ever need is the UNI KNOT. We all know the feeling of losing the big one because our knot didn’t hold. We all have had the big one swim away because we assumed the line broke, but when we reeled in up we found that the knot just allowed the hook to slide through. This doesn’t have to happen any more.

The UNI KNOT will allow a loose loop, tight loop, splicing of lines, functionality in tying dissimilar types of line. The Uni Knot can be loosened up or tightened for any eventuality. The video we are going to watch is going to show us all how to tie an UNI KNOT and its functionality. I no longer have to use a fisherman’s or double fisherman’s knot. Weather splicing or hook or jig attaching, I just use the UNI KNOT. Let’s take a close look here.