Five Things That Would Happen If People Stopped Eating Meat

What would happen to the world if all of us stopped eating chicken, pork, beef and all other types of meat? Will it be more beneficial for everyone? This post gives five solid answers to those questions. A highly thought-provoking post.

The world’s hungry would no longer be hungry

It would take 40 million tons of food to eliminate the most extreme cases of world hunger, yet nearly 20 times that amount of grain is fed to farmed animals every year in order to produce meat. It is wasteful to feed perfectly edible food to animals on farms in order to produce a burger rather than feeding it directly to people.

There would more land available for our growing population

Countries around the globe are bulldozing huge swathes of land in order to make room for more factory farms. When you eat plant foods directly, you need a lot less land.

Billions of animals would avoid a lifetime of suffering

There is no better way to help animals and prevent their suffering than by choosing not to eat them.

The risk of dangerous antibiotic resistance would reduce

Factory-farmed animals are disease-ridden as a result of being crammed by the thousands into filthy sheds. Eliminating the factory farms from which many antibiotic-resistant bacteria emerge would make it more likely that we could continue to count on antibiotics to cure serious illnesses.

Healthcare providers would be under less strain

It’s a fact that obesity kills through heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and various types of cancer. A healthy community means less trouble for healthcare providers.